I am dizzy about designing!! I make quality handmade custom wreaths, garland, arrangements & sell unique home decor.

My name is Joanie. I have been designing and crafting for many years. At age 18 I started a company making silk flower arrangements but was unsure how to market my product so I gave up and joined the Marines...(Don't ever give up on your dream).

After being discharged from the military, I put myself through college becoming a registered nurse. Over the years I have made & sold many things I created I.e. Sewing vests, scrub tops & operating room caps, flower arrangements & ceramics. I have always had a love for design so one day a few years ago, I jumped all in with my own company and I'm now making wreaths & decor full time.

It is my passion to create new things and sell products to you at an affordable price. I am dedicated to customers, customer service and I use only quality products. I custom make every wreath you see in my shop. I am blessed to be able to follow my passion full time. Each wreath is unique & original. I am DIZZY about designing! What can I make for you?

Joanie B
The Original Dizzy Blonde 👸🏼